About Us

Dr GeneS™ Clinical Nutraceutical product is proprietary formulated and exclusively distributed by VWA (M) SDN BHD, the market leader in hydrogen water industry.  VWA® is the 1st Company in Malaysia to position the hydrogen water machine as medical device.  VWA® Cellular Functional Water treatment system is certified as medical device by Korea FDA; crowned as World’s No.1 water ionizer consecutively for 10 years and beyond.  This amazing healing water received countless media testaments on many astonishing life-transforming stories.  It appeared twice in the headline press in two miraculous cancer-battle stories.   Since the date of inception, VWA® has had won many accreditation including WIPO, MyIPO, the only industry winner for International Brand Laurate Award and many global accreditations.     

Follow the same passion and conscience to improve quality of life for mankind;  VWA® is proud to launch Dr GeneS™ NutriPeptides Complex, offers patented and clinically proven ingredients with high efficacy, 100% bio-available & perfect formulation for best health and beauty synergy,  at the most affordable pricing!

Message from the founders

“Educating people to make wisdom choice on their drinking water has profound implication to their health and wellness.  It’s a little milestone that we have had bring positive transformation to many lives for more than a decade.   You are what you can absorb, same goes to water and nutrients.    We specially developed the Dr GeneS™high potency clinical nutrition for our own consumption as well as for people we love.  It is a blessing to age healthily & gracefully! That is also a CHOICE to make!”


基因博士临床营养抗衰老圣品是由 VWA()有限公司,富氢水的领航所开发及营销的专利产品。 VWA®是马来西亚第一家将富氢水机定位为医疗设备的公司。VWA®细胞功能水机获得韩国卫生部鉴定为医疗器材;连续10年以上被评选为为全球第一的离子水机。 神奇富氢水打造了无数个健康家庭,传统媒体也争相报导不少振奋人心的故事。 其中还两度登上头版新闻成为癌患的救星!  打从2017年成立以来,VWA®就获得了许多认证,包括WIPOMyIPO唯一在功能水行业获得品牌桂冠大奖及许多其他国际奖项。

秉承同样的热情和以人为本的精神,VWA®自豪地推出了基因博士临床肽综合营养圣品,以最实惠的价格提供高效益临床实证的专利成分,100生物利用度与综合多种营养,达到巨大协同效益, 真正达到全方位的健康及美容功效!


好水是百药之皇,坏水是百病之源! 过去13年, 通过教育人们选择喝好水而为他们的健康带来巨大正面的转变。 这一个里程碑,我们深感欣慰! 吃保健品与喝水一样,能被细胞吸收利用才是关键!   为了我们自己与心爱的人,我们特别开发了高效益的基因博士抗衰老保健圣品。 我们觉得健康优雅的老去也是一种福气。当然,这也是一项选择!