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Smallest, Strongest & Smartest portable h2 water generator

Incredibly convenient and powerful! Smallest in size but strongest in performance. Approved as medical device by FDA, VWA®️ H2Cap Plus is the smallest, lightest, strongest and smartest portable hydrogen water generator. It is equipped with artificial intelligence and 9-layer of platinum plates for the best electrolysis efficiency. VWA®️ H2Cap Plus converts any bottled water (including pure water) into stable, rich and safe hydrogen water above 1,000,000 ppt. Thanks to the patented separation technology, this smart cap produces NO ozone and other toxic by-products; thus the dissolved molecular hydrogen (h2) can be retained exceptionally longer for optimum health and beauty benefits! Don’t leave home without VWA H2Cap Plus!

令人难以置信的方便和强大! 体积巧小但性能最强大。 FDA批准为医疗器材,VWA®️H2CapPlus是最小,最轻,最强,最智能的便携式氢水生成器。 它具备人工智能和9重铂金电解槽,能达到最高效的电解效率。 VWA®️H2Cap Plus可随时随地将任何瓶装水(包括纯净水)转化为1,000,000 ppt以上的稳定,丰富且安全的富氢水。 得益于专利的分离技术,这智能瓶盖不会产生臭氧和其他有毒副产品。 因此,溶解的分子氢(h2)可持久被保留,以获得最佳的健康和美容效果! VWA h2Cap Plus绝对是您最贴切的健康美容良伴!