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NMT-9000T / S11T 


Transform Tap Water Into Richest Hydrogen Water

Approved as medical device by Korea FDA, VWA®️ Cellular Functional Water System®️ is crowned as World’s No.1 water ionizer consecutively for 10 years and beyond! Thanks to the most state-of-the-art technology, VWA®️ water ionizer turns tap water into highest antioxidant water in the industry, with richest dissolved molecular hydrogen (1600ppb) and strongest –ORP values (-ORP998mV) to deliver remarkable anti-aging and anti-inflammation properties, prevent and reverse all kinds of degenerative diseases ! It is beyond just water ionizer, the system is equipped with two proprietary TM-Pi filters that offers unique resonance energy to energize and restore dead and sick water into 57 hertz living water for optimum cellular hydration. Just touch the screen to collect 8 types of functional water (pH1.8-12), 100% chemical-free! Backed by 10-year limited warranty on the platinum plates!

VWA细胞功能水机连续10年以上稳坐全球第一及注册为医疗器材(KFDA)。采用最尖端的技术,VWA离子水解能将自来水转化成全行最丰富的抗氧化剂,最丰富的溶解氢气1600ppB 及 负电位值 -ORP988mV, 达到卓越的抗衰老,抗炎及有效防治多种慢性疾病! 另外, 它还配备两个专有的双滤芯,具有独特的共振能量激活及还原退化死水变成57hZ活水迅速被细胞吸收。 触屏就能获取8种功能水 (pH1.8-pH12), 100%绝无添加物! 纯铂金电解槽获得10年保家!